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About Me

Hi, I’m Kay Godley.

You may not know me yet, but you're about to.

Now, this is the part of the ‘About’ page where I’m supposed to tell you, in third person, about my upbringing, my education, my trusted reputation, and all my qualifications and shining recommendations as an author.

But that plan all felt a little too distant.

So let me just write this as if we're talking face-to-face.


Hi. (again

I’m Kay.

It’s very nice to meet you!

I hail from Canada by birth, and live in Oklahoma by loving choice. I grew up with a mother of five with a business mind, and a father who landscapes beautiful things into hot, dusty soil.

I never was one of the “artsy” kids when I went to school. In fact, I was a nerd. A bright—but sometimes shy—nerd. I thought more seriously about science and math classes, and being a future doctor more than I ever thought about the English language—or any other language for that matter.

But, after my parents (mercifully) pulled me and my brothers out of a traditional school and started homeschooling us, I found out I may be a little more “artsy” than I once thought.

Actually, a lot more artsy.

It started with an idea and a suggestion.

Watching the local news one night (I always did, I thought I was a grown-up 12 year old), I saw a news story that sparked my imagination. It was something along the lines of a person pushing another person out of the way of a moving car.

Real big stuff, I know, like action out of a superhero movie!

So, I turned to my mom from my sprawled-out spot on the burgundy and gold carpet, and I said, “That would make a good book.”

And in her seemingly infinite, motherly wisdom, she replied,

“Well why don’t you write it then?”

I, a twelve year old with nothing else to do that evening, boldly said,

“Okay, I will.”

And, by the Grace of God, I did.

That idea turned into a twisting adventure of a spy novel—with more plot holes than an abandoned back road and more bunny trails than a church at Easter.

Looking back on it now, I can say the book is a bit too… unique… for most audiences. But as for me, I was happy with it. So I wanted to share it and write another story.

So I did.

And I didn’t stop.

Book after book, story after story, I began creating worlds with words. (Like my favorite Author still does to this day.)

After finishing the first one, I started posting my stories online for people to read.

Flash-forward to now, I’ve shifted from being an academic nerd to being an artsy nerd. I write books, poems, upcoming movies, TV shows & plays, I write music lyrics, study voice-over, practice photography now and then, and I have recently picked up a paintbrush. In doing all this, I wrote a story called The Perfect Duet.

It’s funny when I look back on my life like this (all twenty-something years of it). I think the hints about me ending up an author and story writer were always there, like good foreshadowing in a crafty mystery novel.

How so? You may be thinking.

Maybe it was the endless characters I made up playing games with my brothers, or the stories of drama, betrayal, and love I played through with dolls and stuffed animal toys, or the little scripts I typed for fun in the summers, or the short stories I wrote for school projects.

Or maybe it was the fact that I always wanted to help people.

That’s why I wanted to be a doctor, after all. I wanted to help people feel better.

But now, I’ve found that sometimes all it takes to help someone through a tough time is a good book and a laugh.

After all, that’s what helps me through hard things sometimes—a good book, a kind word, laughter, and above all else, the Love of my Heavenly Father.

So, before this gets too long and starts morphing into a thousand-word essay like the kinds I was once required to send in for school (argh), let’s wrap this up.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn a little more about me, and thanks to every single person out there who has read—or even considered reading—one of my books. I appreciate any and all the time you've spent reading from me today.

It was nice talking to you! God Bless!

I'll see you around!

Kay Godley

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